20 Facts about the human body – Part 1

Facts 1-5 about the human body

  1. Before it was discovered how the circulatory system worked and was arranged, people believed that a vein ran directly from the fourth finger on the left hand to the heart. This is why people today wear their wedding ring on this finger. – Source
  2. Your cheeks are made of the same skin cells as a vagina known as stratified squamous epithelial cells. – Source
  3. Human fingers contain no muscles. They are controlled by muscles in the forearm and palm which pull on tendons to produce movements at the fingers. – Source
  4. Coffee causes the end of your large intestine to start contracting, which is why it induces a desire to defecate in many individuals. – Source
  5. Choking and strangling do not refer to the same thing. Strangling is when blood flow to the brain through the neck is cut off by applying pressure, while choking is when air flow is cut off to the lungs. – Source

Facts 6-10 about the human body

  1. We apply perfume to pulse points such as necks and wrists. This is because these are the locations where the blood vessels are closest to the skin on the body. These spots emanate heat which helps project the fragrance around you. – Source
  2. When you receive a kidney transplant, your own kidneys are usually not removed . They are usually left in their original position. The third donor kidney is placed in the lower part of your abdomen. – Source
  3. Your human brain remains half-awake when you sleep in a new environment for the first time. – Source
  4. If you are a tall, underweight male, between age 20 and 40, you are at a much higher risk of spontaneous pneumothorax which is the sudden collapse of a lung. – Source
  5. The total surface area of all the alveoli in your lungs is ~130m2 . This about the size of 2 squash courts. – Source

Facts 11-15 about the human body

  1. The absorptive area of the human small intestine is about 250m2 which is about the size of a tennis court. – Source
  2. During embryo development 3 different kidneys develop, one disappears and only two remain to become the permanent adult kidneys. – Source
  3. If you pour cold water into an individual’s ear, their eyes turn away from that side of the ear. If you pour hot water, the eyes turn towards the ear. Caloric stimulation is the medical term for this test. It is used to diagnose acoustic nerve damage as well as damage to the brainstem. – Source
  4. Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome is a disease that affects the inner ear. All internal sounds are amplified to a point where people can hear the sound of their own eyeballs moving. –  Source
  5. All mammals take an average of 21 seconds to urinate, no matter how large their bladders are. –  Source

Facts 16-20 about the human body

  1. One pair of human feet contain 52 bones. In a body with 206 bones, this means the feet take up ¼ of all bones in the human body. – Source
  2. Human beings have a little brain in their gastrointestinal tract with about 100 million nerve cells that can function independently even if the brain is removed. – Source
  3. Men have nipples because we all developed as a female initially before expression of a gene on the Y-Chromosome that resulted in induction of male characteristics. – Source
  4. Cold weather does not directly make you sick. – Source
  5. A human liver can regrow to its normal size even if 90% of it has been removed. – Source

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